• La Sex Pistol – 1976 BMW R90/6

    Perfect for your Holiday In The Sun. Its low center of gravity and upright tracker seating makes road handling a smooth operation. And in combination with its voluptuous lines and unique custom paint, it looks amazing while doing so. Now, go put on your Black Leather and get your Road Runner on.

  • Bringing the Bikes to Art Walk

    We’re new to the neighborhood, but 76hundred is no stranger to celebration. Stop by  during Art Walk on Saturday to check out our new Wynwood shop. Come for the vintage motorcycles. Stay for the good tunes, great company and wet drinks. The party’s 2 blocks south of the food trucks, at 2121 NW 2nd Ave.

  • It’s About Character

    When we customize a vintage motorcycle, we’re adding to its history. Each scratch, bump, dent and fade gives it character and tells a unique story. With each new project, we bring a bike back to life by rebuilding and cleaning the carburetors, replacing hoses, rewiring the electrical system and detailing the bike down to its(…)